Legacy of DAV

RUN UNDER BY SARASWATI VIDYA EDUCATION. GUIDED BY ARYA SAMAJ. ‘History of the school’ should be a part of “About the School”. If the intended subject is ‘history of DAV’ as an organization, then the title should be “Legacy of D.A.V” with the following content

Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust AndManagement Society was founded in 1886by the socio-reformist and educationist ShriMaharshi Dayanand Saraswati.The cherished goal of this organization was to propagate the profound message of the Vedas, while equipping the student fraternity to match the global standards of education. The ingenious institution as the name aptly suggests endeavors to form a beautiful blend of our rich, varied heritage with the latest modern technology. Equipped with such a high philosophy, this noble mission took the form of a movement and swept across the country. With DAV stalwarts like Justice Meher Chand Mahajan, LalaSurajBhan,Shri Darbari Lal Jee , Dr. G.L Dutta, Prof. VedVyas, Shri G.P. Chopraji the movement marched ahead, enlightening and guiding millions across the world.

Our Vision

The founding fathers of D.A.V and our patrons established this institution to serve as paragons of moral education backed by inquisitive reasoning which has its roots in the fertile Indian value system. Our motto is आनोभद्राःक्रतवोयन्तुविश्वतः [Aa no bhadrahkratavoyantuvishwatah] which is a shloka from the Rig-Veda giving the universal and perennial message- “May auspicious thoughts come to us from all over the world”. In the present stage of education, transcending narrow boundaries of culture and continents, this message becomes all the more relevant as embracing ideas from all directions is an auspicious endeavor that elevates the self and the society by striving towards peace, knowledge and harmony. Our vision is to dispel the darkness prevailing in our society and we have therefore earmarked a campaign named ‘Vision Transformation’. Under this campaign, we impart basic education to children with insufficient means and spread awareness about the importance of education. Besides imparting education, we provide them free study materials, school uniforms, bags, etc. and above all, emotional support and hope.

Our Mission

Our mission has been painstakingly carried out since its inception and has borne fruits too- Establishing values of inter-personal relationship, morals, courage and discipline in the students Helping our pupils mature into responsible citizens, and above all, good human beings Encouraging discovery, creativity , critical and analytical thinking in students through our tried-and-tested learning program and evaluation procedures Developing competence among students to to explore their abilities and passion through our vide array of academic , co-curricular and extra-curricular activities Special attention is provided to the physical and mental upbringing of the pupils through dedicated sports and fun activities leading to team-building and leadership skills. Following Anglo Vedic Path modernity and tradition got harmonized through our modern facilities of Science and Computer labs, along with lesson on moral values, the hawan, our ancient culture and lesions of devotion and patriotism in the daily assembly. Cultivation of an international outlook in our students who sail out of this esteemed institution in the future well-versed with the principles of equality, freedom and unity in diversity .

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